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Weyes Blood - “Some Winters”

The repeating piano figure would usually tip this over the edge but the warbly “tape” distortion and frankly weird video lured me in deep enough to really appreciate it. This is from Natalie Mering’s upcoming album The Innocents out October 20 on Mexican Summer.

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Roku Music - “Reflector”

Well, it looks like another day of posting all Australian. I swear if it wasn’t for the giant sharks and toads I would move there. “Reflector” is lush shoegazey blur from the Brisband band’s second album Collider, released earlier this year on (coincidentally enough) Sonic Masala Records.

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Black Cab - Altamont Diary

It’s Monday so nobody’s going to be too bothered if I post a 10 year old album stream, right? This is completely different from their electronic take on the 1976 Olympiad that I posted last week, it’s like a chronicle of the Altamont concert debacle as seen through the prism of psychedelic rock. It’s available digitally on bandcamp and on vinyl through their label Interstate 40.

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