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Skegss - “L.S.D.”

I’m not sure exactly why Australia has so many good bands right now but my personal theory is their ocean is filled with giant sharks, which, through the process of natural selection, has produced a generation who would rather sit at home and make music than be eaten.

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Ausmuteants - “Fed Through A Tube”

I don’t think I’ve posted them before but their Amusements album was one of my favorite punk records last year. Though now that I look I guess it officially released this year (check it out on bandcamp, right?). They have another new record coming out September 30 on Goner called Order of Operation but this is from an upcoming single out on Total Punk.

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Weak Boys - “Hangovers”

When a blog posts an article titled “No More Now” it’s usually not good news. Fortunately for fans of Australian music blog Polaroids of Androids it doesn’t mean an exit from music completely as the grind of the daily blog will give way to the grind of the music publishing enterprise, the first fruit of which is “Hangovers” by fellow Australians Weak Boys. There’s some talk of posting less often but more in-depth pieces but we’ll count that shrimp when it’s on the bar-b.

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Literature - “The English Soft Hearts”

Blogging about blogging is probably super boring (sorry!) and I know I could be using this opportunity to review the record but it’s watermarked and I’m too paranoid to put it in iTunes and hear it properly because of that Match thing and anyway it’s interesting to me what songs are released as promotional singles from an album.

You have one, or possibly two shots to make a good impression. Do you throw your best song out there and hope for lightning to strike, or do you save that for a (hopeful) second wave to wider notice closer to when the record releases? How it usually works is a bit like the food chain. Small plankton-like blogs nobody cares about (like this one) post songs and that generates a small swell of buzz from their followers. Which ordinarily wouldn’t matter much but nobody can listen to everything so blogs follow other blogs (see also: the echo chamber). So anyway the idea is that things will bubble up from smaller to bigger and eventually a big whale blog like Stereogum will happen along and next thing you know it’s not just a few music nerds listening to your song, it’s a lot of people.

Which doesn’t really apply to this record as another part of the equation is the source matters. With the amount of mail a music blog gets and the lack of time you probably have, you have to prioritize. Labels, bands and press agencies who have done you right in the past are going to be a better investment of your time. They’re also more likely to have a press kit which makes assembling the information and media to make the post a lot easier.

So anyway, back to my point about the songs. While the label and PR means Literature will likely get posted to the big blogs anyway, these are plankton songs. Not that they’re not good (especially this one), but they’re going to reward people who know Sarah Records, don’t get angry when they hear the word twee, and will build support for songs with wider appeal like “The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything” and “Blas”. Chorus is out August 19 on Slumberland Records.

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