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Shopping - Tuff Noogies (album stream)

Not to be confused with the London band of the same name (who if they met I’m sure would settle their differences amicably), the Brooklyn band sets the ambitious goal of creating a music video for every track on their new record, and while watching long form videos isn’t how I usually listen to music it’s fun to see the full on collision between the audio and visual arts. Tuff Noogies is available as name your price on bandcamp.

via Lawrence Scadutobandcamptumblr

Slowcoaches - “Raw Dealings”

The next breakout UK band. Or should be anyway. Their split EP Tourists (with Heather’s other project Feature) finds them trading a bit of Thinkers era sludge for a crisper sound with more emphasis on the undersold vocals on the two new tracks along with a cover of “Ex-Lion Tamer” from Wire’s classic Pink Flag. Check their end out over on the bandcamp and see them on tour this week.

via Slowcoachesbandcampwebsite

Teardrop Factory - “3AM Coke Dream”

Clearly Brighton based Teardrop Factory likes their soda. Also reverb, fuzz dialed up to 11, boy/girl vocals and pop sensibilities buried under murk and sludge (where they should be). Thrash In The Heart is out September 14 on Faux Discx.

via Faux Discxwebsite

Hookworms - “The Impasse”

As you might guess from the poster frame there’s a new album coming from our old friends in Hookworms called The Hum, and if you haven’t been sent into an epileptic fit by the video you may recall it releases this November but you possibly didn’t know it’s the 10th of that month, or that it releases on Domino Records Weird World Record Co. imprint or that it comes in a cool white translucent vinyl edition.

via Weird World Record Co.bandcampfacebook

Skegss - “L.S.D.”

I’m not sure exactly why Australia has so many good bands right now but my personal theory is their ocean is filled with giant sharks, which, through the process of natural selection, has produced a generation who would rather sit at home and make music than be eaten.

via Skegss Bandbandcampfacebook

Ausmuteants - “Fed Through A Tube”

I don’t think I’ve posted them before but their Amusements album was one of my favorite punk records last year. Though now that I look I guess it officially released this year (check it out on bandcamp, right?). They have another new record coming out September 30 on Goner called Order of Operation but this is from an upcoming single out on Total Punk.

via Total Punk Recordsbandcampfacebook