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Gum - Sister October

I’m terrible at email followup, like even worse than I am updating the blog (hard as that is to believe), but I was just about to break down and see what had become of our old friends in Gum because I’d had a chance to hear a really good set of demos last year and I was beginning to fear for the worst. Fortunately it turns out they’d just been taking a bit of a break rather than having fallen into an industrial strength meat grinder while on tour of a sausage factory or something.

The songs on Sister October are a collection that didn’t make the cut for the new album. That may sound scary, but from what I remember Grant had a really precise vision for what he wanted the album to sound like and they weren’t interested in just assembling a collection of their best sounding songs to date. Which is to say there is some really good stuff here, and it’s available as name your price on the bandcamp with proceeds going to help fund the finishing stages of the new album, pints down at the pub, the occasional bag of chips, and so forth. They’ve also booked a handful of live shows starting April 27 at The Shacklewell Arms.

via Gum | bandcampfacebook

Love You To - “Walking Talking Pissup” -

From the New Zealand band’s new album Shahee out digitally May 6 with a tour and physical release to follow. The band has made the new single available as name your price (a.k.a. free) on their bandcamp.

via Love You To | bandcampfacebook

Youthcult - “Bored” -

Hot on the heels (at least in the geologic sense) of their charmingly named Youth Cunt EP comes a cryptic new video for the mysterious Swedish group’s latest effort. Pick up the aforementioned EP at their bandcamp as name your price, just don’t let your mom see it.

via Youth Cult | facebook

Tuff Love - “Sweet Discontent” -

A new video for the much loved fuzz pop gem we posted a few months back heralding the imminent(ish) release of something to be promoted, in this case the sweet white vinyl debut of their Junk EP available on May 5 from Lost Map Records.

via Lost Map Records | bandcamp